The Body Type Story
May 16,2024
The Body Type Story

Do you play hardcore or softcore? Sooner or later you will have to answer this question. Can you eat anywhere and stay slim? Or does your stomach growl when you see something that looks like carbohydrates? However, you can overcome these issues by determining which of the three body types used in fitness and bodybuilding is right for you. In this article, we’ll explain how to determine which type best describes you and how that vision can turn you into a monster!

Where did this body type classification come from?

The model assesses your body based on body composition, muscle mass and tendency to be overweight, then places you into one of three body types. Currently, this classification is based on your physical characteristics and metabolism.

The origins of this classification can be traced back to the theories of psychologist William Sheldon. In 1942, he hypothesized that there might be a link between a person’s physical makeup and his personality. He recorded the bodies of 4,000 students and classified them into one of three bodies.

The psychological aspects of Sheldon’s theory have long been refuted. Although most subjects were found to be of mixed type, a rough classification of body type can still be helpful in developing training and nutrition plans for strength athletes and bodybuilders. This makes it easy to create the right nutrition and training plan for each athlete.



Are you thin, tall and maybe a little arrogant? Are you saying your shoulders and chest are thinner than the machine? Do you have thin shoulders that suit you? If yes, then there is no doubt that you are a great money maker! Because of your excellent metabolism, it’s hard for your body to store fat, which means you probably won’t have any major problems – other than not being overweight! An ectomorph may be able to pour the entire contents of a refrigerator into his mouth day and night without even weighing himself.Special Features

  • Low body fat percentage
  • Lose weight gradually
  • Build lean muscle
  • Easy to find the right fit, the shape is always clear.
  • He can eat a lot of food

What to improve

  • Slow to moderate muscle growth
  • Long update phase
  • Decreased exercise tolerance.
  • Easily overtrained


Of course, gaining weight may be difficult for you, but do not lose heart. The solution is simple: focus on building muscle consistently, but never overdo it! An ectomorph training program should include low reps but heavy weights.

A combination of challenging and targeted exercise will significantly improve your performance – so leave cardio out of your training plan! At the same time, it’s important to stick to your plan from the start to avoid muscle failure.

Because of your size, you can feel tired and exhausted very quickly! Train 1 or 2 muscle groups for up to 60 minutes per workout, up to 4 times per week. Because of your size, you need a lot of rest, so rest days are crucial. However, this means you no longer have to compromise on the gym!

ECTOMORPH DIET: Eat Like a King!

Or, in other words: eat, eat, eat some more! Ideally, you should eat every 2-3 hours. At the end of the day, you must consume more calories than you burn. Only then can you gain weight effectively and see your muscles grow. Do you like carbohydrates? Do it!

Complex carbohydrates from potatoes, rice, oats, pasta and whole wheat bread form the basis of the ectomorphic diet. Make sure you eat enough protein and maintain a calorie surplus by eating plenty of healthy fats. But be warned: just because there are more calories on your plate doesn’t give you the right to eat junk food.

ECTOMORPH SUPPLEMENT: Eat more & Combination!

Underweight people need nutritional supplements to gain weight! It is the gold standard when it comes to meeting your extremely high calorie needs. In addition to the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein, you can give your workouts an extra boost with high-quality creatine, strengthening your muscles and building muscle in the short term!


Are you the opposite of ectomorph? Do you feel like you have gained weight? Do you gain weight quickly? If so, then you are a soft gainer. A higher body fat percentage is associated with lean muscle. Once you eat a burger, the next morning you look in the mirror and see it on your stomach. But don’t worry, there’s always a silver lining for every dark cloud!Special Features

  • Build muscle fast
  • Reduce the risk of overtraining
  • Suitable for personal training
  • No problem with weight gain
  • Fast Replenishment

What to improve

  • Slow metabolism
  • She gained weight rapidly
  • A strict diet is required to improve clarity
  • Muscles look weak
  • A strict nutrition plan is required.
  • Heart is a must.

TRAIN YOUR ENDOMORPH: train like an animal

You may be concerned that your body fat percentage is too high, so use the treadmill when possible. Intensity training and cardio play an important role in your endomorph training plan. Speed up your metabolism, increase your basal metabolic rate and get rid of that pesky fat. HIIT workouts are another great way to get in shape.

It’s important to supplement these cardio workouts with high-intensity strength training. Your muscles are ready to grow, so you can do splits, attempt supersets, and push yourself to failure. Although you may gain weight faster, the good news is that your muscle mass will increase just as quickly. Take advantage of this and train like a beast!

ENDOMORPH DIET: Eat Less, Eat Better!

Unfortunately, when it comes to nutrition, you don’t get what you need – you have to pay close attention to what you eat and how much you eat, whether you want to or not. If you want to achieve results, you definitely need a certain calorie surplus. However, if you find that you are gaining fat instead of muscle, cut back on your calorie intake!

Your plate should have enough protein and low fat foods. Many people who gain weight are very sensitive to carbohydrates. So try to keep as few plates as possible. Low carb is the key! If you have excess fat, you need to follow a strict diet. The main thing is to cut calories and eat more protein.


You can probably imagine what happens next: You need a low-carb, low-fat training aid. This makes ash ideal for your body. Make sure your supplement is not only low in carbs and fat, but also doesn’t cause bloating or water retention (like creatine does), and you’re on the right track.

MESOMORPH – OMG! you are an athlete!

Congratulations! Everyone is very jealous of your body structure. Narrow hips and broad shoulders provide the ideal foundation for a V-shaped or hourglass figure (in women). If you have a medium body type, your body fat percentage is low and ideal for weight gain. What could it be? I was born for the gym!

  • Special Features
    • Build muscle fast
    • Reduces fat accumulation
    • Fast fat burning
    • Fast update phase
  • What to improve
    • The ideal physical condition favors the mesomorph.
    • Too relaxed and self-satisfied to achieve perfection.

TRAIN YOUR MESOMORPH: Always try to compartmentalize

Intense split training not only challenges your limits, it’s also a fast way to peak performance! They can reproduce faster than others and withstand greater stress. Try a 5-day split workout and use multiple sets with appropriate weights. Variety is important in a training program for mesomorphs. So plan a full-body workout with targeted workouts and short breaks – that’s your day plan!

NUTRITION FOR MESOMORPH: Balance is the Key Word

Eating a balanced and varied diet may not seem like a magic solution, but there’s still no reason to worry. Your main goal is to build muscle mass, so achieving a small calorie surplus should be your main goal. You’ve hit the jackpot: Unlike other body types, you don’t have to obsess over fat. Rely on the holy trinity of complex carbohydrates, a little healthy fat, and a ton of high-quality protein and you’ll be like the Hulk.


Don’t forget to adjust your diet! Whey concentrate, creatine, a variety of pre-workout supplements and premium amino acids will give you extra energy and motivation to help you achieve the body of your dreams!


  • Body type classification allows you to find the right path to strength training and bodybuilding success.
  • It will help you understand your body and act accordingly.
  • Most people have different body types;
  • You can’t choose your body type. However, you can tailor your workouts and diet to achieve optimal results. To do this, you just have to work!