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You are most welcome to The Retro Fitness.Our vision is to make health and fitness more accessible to everybody by providing motivation & mental strength, with science based training and customisable Nutritional guidance according to their fitness goal.

We are here with affordable and reasonable membership rates at your local convenient location.

We have huge Cardio & Strength training floor. We are equipped with highly advanced and imported training machines. Tons of free weights for manual training and weight liftings. We are providing motivational ambience for fitness training all the time. Awesome music system with bluetooth for favourite motivational songs.

Our Certified and vastly experienced fitness trainers and coaches are specialised in various fitness training programs. Like Strength & Conditioning, Cardio vascular training, CrossFit, HIIT, LIIT, Functional Training, HRX training, Animal flow, Power lifting, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, Kettle Bell training, Body weight training, calisthenics etc.

Also we conduct various group training classes like, Mixed Martial Arts, Zumba, Yoga, Grappling , Boxing, Self Defense, Dance Fitness, Group personal training etc. Our trainers has expertise on weight loss, weight gain, fat loss, toning, muscle gain program. Also we have certified nutritionist and dietician to provide you proper nutritional guidance to reach your goals.

We are specialised to train medical Patients with Many medical conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, herniated Disk, ankylosing spondylitis, Diabetes, hyper thyroid, hypo thyroid, pcod, pcos, asthma, high and low bp, flat feet, joint knees hernia, anxiety disorder etc. We are best for rehabilitation.

Side by side we have pantry facility (THE RETRO KITCHEN) to calm hunger of our clients by giving them healthy nutritional foods at reasonable price.
To keep our fitness enthusiast motivated we host many fitness competitions, picnic parties, festival and birthday celebrations through out the year to make everyone's fitness journey more fun and enjoyable. We make sure our gym have all the tools and facilities you need to perform your best.

Why Choose Us

While there are countless reasons to choose The Retro Fitness, the most important ones include:

Qualified & Experienced Trainers: The most important matter of a gym is its Trainers. The Retro Fitness have Trainers with many types of fitness certifications in Strength and Conditioning, HRX Training, CrossFit Training, Functional Training Level-1,2,3, Animal Flow, Kettle Bell, Zumba Basic, Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba, Yoga & Meditation, Many Martial Arts Certifications, Nutrition & Diet along with many years of experience. They have the ability to listen, ask the right questions and understand the needs of our clients like you.

We are good listeners: Our team makes it a top priority to listen to our clients like you about your fitness concerns and fitness goals and build a road map accordingly to achieve your fitness goals. Our team is very attentive, patient, open-minded, empathetic, inquisitive, and authentic.

We motivate: Our fitness trainers help you stay motivated as we work to establish a consistent workout schedule. We design a fitness program that's structured to hold you accountable and create a lifestyle that encourages proper health and positive well-being.

We deliver results: We won't let you waste your time with workouts that won’t give you results. Our team will ensure that you achieve good results. Your fitness program is created for you to fit your abilities and help you reach your goals. We keep records of your workouts, nutrition and your progress and re-assess fitness levels every week.

We are perfect for beginners: Interested in getting fit, but don't know where to start? We'll introduce you to fun, effective routines and valuable fitness knowledge. When you're ready, we can introduce more advanced routines.

We provide personalized sessions: The most important difference between us and other gyms is our ability to come to you and work with you in the comfort of your preferred setting. While we can also lead workouts with your friends, our one-on-one sessions are structured around your body and the goals you want to achieve in order to maximize results.

New routines: Tired of performing the same routine over and over again? With The Retro Fitness, no two workouts are the same. We create customized workout plans that are designed to help you stay motivated.

Advanced and Imported Equipments: We provide equipment that's clean and state-of-the-art. Our equipments are highly advanced and imported which can help you to ease your exercise. They are properly aligned to maintain the perfection of shape of your body and to avoid injury.

Cleanliness & Hygiene: We maintain cleanliness to provide you with proper hygiene as it is very important for good health. Also, we follow strict COVID-19 safety policies.

We focus on your mental fitness: We also prioritise your mental health. Research shows that exercising in a joyful place with proper guidance causes the brain to release endorphins that result in your ability to feel less stressed and happier. It sharpens memory, stimulates the creation of new brain cells, improves self-discipline, overcomes addiction, improves confidence, lowers anxiety and depression, boosts energy and improves sleep, creativity and productivity.

We focus on your health: Studies show that working out can help build up your body's defences. This will make you feel more energetic and boost your ability to prevent diseases.

No matter what your reasons, concerns or excuses are, we can help you get started working out. With our personalized workout programs, you can burn calories quickly and achieve your own personal goals. We help you to gain muscles to get you more stronger.

Affordable price: We bring Good physical and mental health to you at a reasonable and affordable price. We assure you that when you see results you will understand how much we are worthy.

All under one roof: The most fun fact to choose us is that you will receive everything under one roof. You can choose your favourite fitness program from our services like Gym, CrossFit, mixed martial arts, Zumba, Yoga, Nutrition Counseling etc. Also, we provide healthy foods to maintain your diet routine at a very reasonable price under the same roof.

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What Our Members say ?

Explore the stories of our gym members and their incredible fitness journeys. From weight loss milestones to newfound strength, hear how our supportive community has empowered individuals to achieve their goals and surpass their expectations. Join us and let your success story inspire others.

Banibrata Ghosh
Banibrata Ghosh
Very good experience in this gym.....Especially my trainer Surojit Sir 's behavior is unique and he cares us very well 😀
Sumana Das
Sumana Das
The ambience is cozy and clean, making every session comfortable. My personal trainer, Surajit Dey is very dedicated in his approach, making fitness enjoyable and effective. He keeps everyone motivated to work out. Such an Amazing person he is. Satisfied with this Fitness Studio and P.T both. :) Highly recommend for anyone seeking a superb gym experience!
Farhan Zahid Khan
Farhan Zahid Khan
It's been almost 1 year and I must say that my strength and confidence has improved. The work environment is very friendly others are ready to help whenever you need. The Trainers are also there to help you out and are also very friendly situation. All in all worth it.
Ankana Chatterjee
Ankana Chatterjee
The gym is very hygienic and clean...everyone is very polite,humble and knowledgeable...they always push you towards your fitness trainer is Raju da...he is very helpful and always guides me to do proper exercise and also other trainers like Pritam da and Rajarshi di...they are very much helpful and will always listen calmly if you are facing any issue during the gym....will definitely recommend my friends who are looking for a good jym near Nagerbazar area 👍✌️
The gym is clean and properly hygienic. The environment is really comfortable.The equipments are good. The trainers are knowledgeable ,friendly,humble,help a lot ,and motivated. I am say about surojit sir my personal trainer help me and Encouraging me a lot,.My body very stiffness. But my trainer surojit sir help me lot to change my body condition. I am now very feasible, and motivated. My energy level is increase so much. So thank you surojit sir And thanks entire team.
Soumi Dinda
Soumi Dinda
I must say The Retro Fitness gym is the best gym in Nagerbazar area. The gym is very clean and hygienic. The environment is really comfortable and friendly. Equipments are top notch. The trainers are highly qualified, knowledgeable, friendly and humble. I must say about Surojit who is my personal trainer works really hard for me and motivate me. I feel so many desirable changes in my body within a month only. So many many thanks to Surojit and the entire team. Highly recomended...
Paulami Ganguly
Paulami Ganguly
After my body being at the worst for more than a year, I joined The Retro Fitness.(honestly with not much expectation as I had a fair idea of gyms around this location). My entire idea to join work out was to have an active lifestyle, that’s it. I was trained here by Surajit and I am amazed at the results. In about just one month my body gained the strength and toning it needed. Surajit is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He will really push your limits! It’s the best investment to join The Retro Fitness! Great job guys !!
Jishu Giri
Jishu Giri
Khob valo. Akhana asa amar khob valo lagcha.
Sayani Basu
Sayani Basu
Best Fitness centre and gym , the environment is really comfortable and friendly..