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You are most welcome to The Retro Fitness. This is a total Fitness Studio with various fitness modules. Our agenda is about making health and fitness more access accessible to more people, to everybody. Our goal is to provide the latest state of the art ultimate and best fitness clubs to local convenient location at affordable and reasonable membership rates. Brand new state of the art Fitness Facility. Huge floor, miles of cardio, awesome classes, tons of free weights, group Fitness Studio, various types of training, Crossfit, HIIT, Zumba, Yoga, mixed martial arts, combat classes, Rehab and much more all under one roof. We are concerned about brand value. Si The Retro Fitness is a world class Fitness Studio and gym equipped with top of the line cardio vascular and strength training machines. All are imported and highly advanced. Many equipment’s and free weights for Crossfit and combat classes. Suitable place for meditation and yoga, Awesome music system for motivational songs and Zumba Classes. We make sure our gym have all the tools you need to perform your best.

Push harder than yesterday if you want on the different tomorrow.
Why Us

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Low Prices

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High Quality Gym

Our Certified and highly experienced trainers will help you to identify and achieve your fitness goals with combination of exercises and diet counseling. We are here to clear the difference between old school concept, myths, cheap fads and scientific and evidence based techniques. We are skilled to make you feel better, to motivate you, and to boost your adrenaline.


Qualified Trainers

Your workout will be more effective, safe, dynamic with us. We will never make you feel bored or monotonous unlike local and conventional gyms. It will be fun everyday. After all we believe in results, We promise – you will achieve all your fitness goals faster with us.


Dedicated and qualified trainer ready to supporting


Male Fitness Coach


Male Fitness Coach

It’s the best gym in Dum Dum, nager bazar area with modern equipment’s, friendly trainers and great ambience, the environment is so nice that i feel like i am working out in my home. Everyone interested to keep their body fit should join The Retro Fitness.

Rajib Dey