Special Populations and Rehab

The Retro Fitness would like to give fitness classes to the special population. Our trainers are certified to give special and modified fitness classes to those people like children, prisoners, pregnant women, or mentally disabled person. We (The Retro Fitness) are ready to give a greater level of supervision to them because we

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Mixed Martial Arts

The Retro Fitness offers MMA or Mixed Martial Arts training all over Kolkata. A trainee acquires specific skills on grappling and striking as the MMA sessions stress on both ground and standing postures while fighting.

Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, catch wrestling, Judo, submission, and Thai boxing are the most popular forms of martial arts that you may achieve while attending a session at our Mixed Martial Arts Centre in Nager Bazar.

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Personal Training

What are you waiting for? need a push? stuck in a routine? ready for more? need motivation? or looking for a workout buddy? All your queries will end to us. The Retro Fitness gives you the premium personal training sessions at affordable price. Our trainers will help you to achieve your specific goals in specific time by guide

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The Retro Fitness Offers a Crossfit workout training program that develops and conditions your body through challenging and varied exercises. Following our regular sessions will test various parts of your body for conditioning and strength without focusing on any specific area. Our Crossfit workout centre at Nagerbazar could help you in developing a fully functional body in no time.

Our Crossfit sessions can be differentiated from that of the commercial gyms very easily. The absence of weight machines and elliptical systems don’t make them unworthy of your fitness regimen.

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Diet,Nutrition & Suppliments

Have you ever wanted to know what the latest protein bar tastes like? Perhaps you are looking for simple meals to keep you on track? Or maybe you want to learn about the latest training and nutrition techniques to fast track your results? Whether you are looking for one or all of these. you’ll find it all here at a taste of fitness.

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Zumba is a highly effective cardio workout regimen with both low and high intensities of intervals. TheRetroFitness focuses on toughening the core, which is its traditional form. Alternatively, you may even opt for our Step and Toning workouts that can help you in developing muscles by incorporating weights in your glutes, legs, and arms.

Some 369 calories can be burned by attending 60 minutes of workout sessions as you sweat up your muscles. Even step aerobics and cardio-kickboxing can’t help you achieve the feat. Besides improving your flexibility and toughening the cores, you may even shed substantial fat by doing cardio workouts regularly at our Zumba

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Our body and mind are brought together by the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga helps in combining specific physical poses that are meant for curbing stress and encouraging relaxation. TheRetroFitness helps in performing meditation and breathing workouts.

The practice of yoga is closely associated with innumerable physical and mental benefits that contribute towards health and wellbeing. You may checkout a few workouts and follow the regular yoga schedule of our yoga centre in Dum Dum.

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We provide an apparatus on which a number of weightlifting and other exercise can be performed to improve your muscle tone. Those equipments will give you the ability to do many different exercises for the whole body in one area. Our equipments are highly advanced and unique you need to perform your best. If you appreciate

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